Facts about the Dynarette Support Cushion

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Choosing a cushion size
We recommend the large cushion for guitar players of larger stature or for those who use a higher footstool.  The large size cushion typically raises the height of the guitar by 5.5 inches.  The smaller cushion we recommend for guitarists of medium stature or who use a footstool at a lower position. The small cushion typically raises the guitar by about 4 inches.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need further assistance in choosing the proper size cushion.

The Dynarette is designed for right-handed players, is available in two sizes, and comes in its own convenient carrying bag.  

Quality Construction
The Dynarette was designed in Sweden by George Varney, and has been in production since 1985.  Our cushion offers the highest quality construction and materials, and is currently being manufactured in the EU.


Is the Dynarette available in a left-handed model?
  •     Unfortunately we do not make a left-handed model.
Can I order a Dynarette in a custom size?
  •     We are sorry but it is not possible to make custom sizes.
Contact us at vamu@vamu.se
or at dynarette@yahoo.com